Many of you can recall that time in your life when you had a fish tank. It could have been when you were a little kid and your parents bought a ”fishy” so that you could have a pet, or maybe it was in college when, in an undersized dorm room you had a tiny aquarium just to make the room look more pleasant. Maybe you lived in a place with cold winters and a fish tank was a piece of tropical dreams. In any way life changes and you might not have had the time to continue to maintain the aquarium. You might have moved, got busy, and/or had many other reasons to drop the fish keeping hobby. But I believe that now is a great time for many of us to not only get new aquariums and fish, but to extend the knowledge and connect with many fish hobbyists and aquatic enthusiasts around the world. In the century of the Internet, new media, and innovative ways to communicate, it is the perfect time to come back to fish hobby!

I know this from personal experience. Originally I had a big aquatic plants collection in Russia, where my favorites were plants of the Echinodorus family (Swords). In addition I had a wide variety of anabantoids. But I had to leave everything behind when I relocated to US, and there I had many other important things to taking care of. However my passion for fish breeding and aquascaping has always been on my mind, and recently I returned to this fascinating hobby. Yet again I am truly happy to have an opportunity to breed fish and watch their spawning behavior.

Still I did not have a huge capacity. One day my friend from Russia, who is also a fish keeping enthusiast, contacted me and asked to find some killifish for him. He has kept killis for over 30 years, so I began researching since I never kept killifish before. I could not find them in local fish stores, so I bought several kinds from the Internet (like I said before with the Internet there are many opportunities). These fish looked absolutely amazing in a planted tank, so I became a killifish collector. The size of aquariums for these fish was perfect for me. I tried different killifish and decided to collect Fundolopanchax family.

Please browse this website, see the galleries and maybe you will be interesting to join the world wide community of aquatic hobby.

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